John Demartini

Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator, Internationally Published Author and Business Consultant


Brandon Bays

World renowned emotional and physical healer



Robin Banks

The number 1 Mind Power teacher in the world



Oksana Ulanovska

A relationship coach and senior Demartini facilitator



Billy Selekane

Africa’s Number One Speaker and Business Consultant



Justin Cohen

Renowned Author and Psychology Specialist



Susana Kennedy

Self love, healing, happiness and transformational coach



Ronnie Muhl

Everest Summiter and Expedition Leader



Allan Kleynhans

International Speaker and High-End Performance Coach



PG Paradigm

Best Selling Author and The Results Doctor



Richard Harrington

South Africa’s Leading Value Investing Coach



Kevin Billett

World-leading expert in conscious life transformation



Brian Walsh

Global Authority on Entrepreneurship and Human Behaviour


JT Foxx

The World's Number One Wealth and Business Coach



Lauren Dallas

Global Social Media and Small Business Authority ​



Romualdas Mačiulis

Global Marketing and Small Business Specialist



Sajen Thathiah

Leading Online Marketing Specialist and Coach



Carl Bates

Global Authority on Business Governance and Growth



Cobus Visser

The Superman of Achieving the Impossible



Magriet Groenewald

Leading Social Media and Influencer Teacher and Coach



Kerstin Jatho

International Happiness At Work Specialist 



Marlon Acacio

A Recognised Expert In

Story Branding ​



Barry Mitchell

Africa’s Number One Sales Trainer and Coach



Leon Lategan

A Global Authority On Marketing and Online Success



Joel Brown

Online Publisher and Globally Recognised Marketing Expert



Matt Clark

The Number One LinkedIn Specialist In The World



Renate Jute

Business Optimisation Specialist and Trusts Expert



Scott Picken

Creator Of The Leading Property Investment Portal 



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